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Hand Pallet Truck

  • The integraltype pump body contains hydraulic circuit and hydraulic oil tank,
        which ensures the entire hydraulic system completely sealed and solves the common problem of oil leaking.
  • Turning point of the key institutions are equipped with oil free self lubricating bearings and injection nozzles,
        it can reduce operating power, reduce noise and prolong the truck's life.
  • Standard Eoslift Handle are more scientific ergonomic design improves the comfortableness and reduce the fatigue.
  • Nylon guide wheel can save the operator's strength and protect the loading wheels.
  • All back of the forks have strengthening units, which ensures the intensity and durablity of the truck.
  • Professional designed quick lift hydraulic system, it can reach the highest volumetric efficiency.
  • PU/NYLON/RUBBER wheels can be opted for different working conditions.
  • Original German seal ring can guarantee the service life up to 3 years.
  • Each hydraulic unit shall pass the 3 times of the rated capacity load static pressure test after assembling,
        ensuring that each hydraulic unit is 100% sealed and without any oil leakage before shipment.
  • Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009.
  • "Eoslift" Website:

  • Model: M25
    Capacity: 2500kg
    Min.fork height: 85mm
    Max.fork height: 200mm
    Steering wheel: Dia.180 x 50mm
    Steering wheel: Dia.80 x 70mm
    Forks: 540mm
    Fork Length: 1150mm
    Net weight: 72Kg
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    "Eoslift" M25


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