Digital Truck Scale (No Junction Box Type)
  • "Sensocar" Digital weighing indicator, made in EU
  • "Sensocar" Digital stainless steel loadcell (IP68)
  • Does not need junction box (SP-DC only)
  • "Plug & Weigh" system, software corner adjustement
  • Electrical transient protection
  • Text edition through PC keyboard (SC-20 only)

  • Truck Scale
  • USA "GSE" truck scale weighing indicator
  • Heavy duty and module design
  • USA "Vishay" truck scale loadcell

  • Options:
  • Pit type or pitless type
  • Heay duty protection fence
  • Bright LED external display
  • Truck scale software
    SP-DC                             Sensocar SC-10

                           GSE460                     Celltronic LUC / Vishay MDB

                     20 ~ 100 Tons Capacity Truck Scale

  • Integrated wheels for easy transport and positioning
  • Power supply: internal rechargeable battery
  • Sturdy structure, made in special alluminum
  • Stainless steel load cells
  • Overall IP68 protection

  • Dynamic Weighing Axle Weighbridge
  • Rigid & robust steel construction
  • Axle weighing capacity 50 tonnes
  • Static or Dynamic Axle Weighing
  • 6 Nos. C4 IP68 Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • Low cost & easy maintenance
  • Platform Size: 3000mm x 730mm

  • "DINI ARGEO" Dynamic Weighing Axle Weighbridge

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    "Weightronic" Truck Scale
    "Sensocar" SC-10 Digital Scale Indicator
    "Sensocar" SP-DC Digital Loadcell
    "GSE" 60 Series Indicator
    "Vishay" MDB Loadcell

    "Dini Argeo" Axle Weighing Platfroms
    "Dini Argeo" 3590EKR
    "Dini Argeo" WWSD

    "Dini Argeo" DFWKRPRF-2
    "Dini Argeo" WWSERF
    "Dini Argeo" WWSLM
    Axle information

    "Dini Argeo" Dynamic Weighing Axle Weighbridge


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