Standalone label printer

  • 72 PCS programmable hotkeys (36*2) and 4 PCS functional keys. Able to repeat printing the same label by using the function key 'COPY'.
  • Enable to work independently without PC. Suitable for printing packing labels in fixed format but with different date, PLU name.
  • Able to download different label shading (edited by LINK32) from PC, and then the users could print label by hotkey or PLU code.
  • Integrate an auto-packing system with digital computing scale; to pack commodities by sticking bar code labels (EAN13 code with weight, 18 codes with weight, total price Info.) for stock or selling easily.
  • Innovative removable and renewable hot keypad (patented, 36*2 keys), can be easily replaced even if it is soaked.
  • The layout of hot keypad can be easily edited by the PC software and be printed immediately so that the cashier can operate the machine expertly by pressing the single key without having to memorize and enter the several-digit part number.
  • Unit price, weight, batch number can be set as modifiable according the requirement of customer.
  • RS232/ PS2 port are ready for connecting with scanner.

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